DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialScience shows that fluid intelligence, the ability to think abstractly and solve problems, is exhibited to a significantly greater extent by musicians with extensive experience than non-musicians and less-trained musicians. Is this greater cognitive capability simply a beneficial consequence of heavy involvement with music, or does it reflect a native talent serious musicians are born with as a soul characteristic on display?
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

It is very much the latter that explains the cognitive differences that can be measured, that set the serious musician apart from others. It is not simply they are pursuing something in earnest and become proficient and this shapes the mind in certain ways by requiring cognitive functions that are common to a number of mental manipulations that can be demonstrated through testing and problem-solving exercises. It is very much the case it is an innate talent and skill that is in evidence because it is a life plan for that person to have in their makeup a great passion for music and a great facility for its creation and expression in whatever way they choose to pursue.

This is very much a soul characteristic. It is present within all souls because music is divine. It is a language of the Divine, in fact. So all can hear and respond to music unless there is some corruption to limit perception. This is why music has such value, why it is revered, why it is so appreciated, and why it has so many positive effects for many, many people in many, many settings. It is literally an aspect of the Divine that is on display. As souls are Divinely created and extensions of Creator directly, it is not surprising this is a makeup within each person that can be called on and experienced, and expressed, and cultivated as desired by the individual. Some people have less access for a variety of reasons, just as some people are very uncoordinated in physical manipulations, and have a difficult time attempting to do tasks requiring physical skill and precision.

So there are many, many characteristics of human activities requiring intelligent thought and a variety of cognitive functions and processing to bring the desired behavior about in a successful way. This is no different than the talents of the gymnast. It is a soul characteristic, and this is as true of the great artists who paint, and sculpt, and so on, as it is for the musician. Each of these soul characteristics, when expressed, will be a projection of potential from the soul makeup on a very deep level, and the makeup of the person in their physical extension will reflect a prior planning to have the attribute manifested in a high level so the individual can enjoy this innate capability and talent in the new lifetime, and make contributions of themselves from their soul to uplift others, as well as reward the self.

So this is truly what is on display when excellence in artistry of any kind is being exhibited. It is a divine gift coming from the soul of the person and often has divine support, encouragement, and assistance as well. This is because of the soul plan to make it so that the level of expression will be profound, and like all human activities, those who are tuned in to the divine origin enjoy a greater degree of assistance and support of Creator in what they do. And this is particularly true of those involved with the fine arts because of their divine nature as expressions of love in one form or another. Anything appealing to the sense of beauty is very much divine in terms of the capability being exercised. To do creative work involving creation of music, writing of music, or performing music is always a divine manifestation and its occurrence at a very high level of excellence attests to a robust soul connection and divine support for the undertaking as well.