DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseSince everything is an expression of creation is there any point to resisting anything within All That Is?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

As you well know the biological world is one of competition for resources in many ways, on many levels. You would not pose the question this way with respect to the bacteria and viruses, that if a virus wants to spread through humanity in order to survive but may kill them. You would not acquiesce and say well “This is creation at work and who might I be to pose a difficulty or an objection” and would line up then to be infected and die. It is not true on any other level either. Nature is normally in balance and whenever an imbalance occurs there will be an eventual rebalancing of things. This is what happens through the law of karma ultimately, if not through the energetics more in the immediate term. The laws of physics work quite well to keep things predictable and orderly.

The consequences of the interactions with the creation on a physical level are quite certain in most cases, and understandable. Beyond that, things become murkier because there are untold layers to the makeup of a person starting from their very soul and its expression and then the overlay of all they have experienced. These are deep, complex questions that deserve much time, and care, and attention. But you have us on a short leash today. We will endeavour to hit the highlights as best we can.

The answer we would say categorically is “no” to this question because this is an abnegation of the purpose for divine human, which is the experiencing and expressing of the greatest possible reach of consciousness in all ways and moving forward into many new and glorious undertakings, all of which will have some effect on everything else and the universe will simply have to make way for the divine human coming forth with new creations, bold adventures, new ideas and concepts, new technologies and new ways of using the mind than ever before, to reshape energy and matter into things that are desired. If there is energy present in a rock and you wish to transmute that into a dwelling this will certainly impinge on the rock and change its existence in a dramatic fashion. The rock will give way to the divine human and will hold no grudge or resentment. But to say that creation existed first and the human needs to tiptoe around it would be a rejection of the divine plan for the fullest possible expression of human desire. This is with the intention of bringing forth the love of Creator in new ways, not to subvert, not to degrade, not to disrupt or to lower in any way the potential of anything else, but to reshape and repurpose matter and energy for something different, something often grander. That’s not taking advantage, or worsening things. There will be a footprint on Gaia from presence of divine human. But keep in mind that Gaia was created and then repurposed to be a nest for divine human. To say it’s wrong to not leave a footprint is a disregard for the value of divine human and Creator’s plan to have a full integration with Gaia as the springboard for many new creations. The message we would give is one of encouragement to go forth boldly and to claim your birthright as divine human, with respect for Gaia to be sure, because if you foul the nest there will be consequences. But there can be stewardship to respect all other things in physical reality, not only the life forms but the land, the sea, the waters, the air. All have consciousness, all have a place, and all have a valuable role to play in the divine balance. This is your challenge and opportunity to make your way boldly, but with wisdom, and with care.