DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersThe late Psychiatrist Dr. M. Scott Peck M.D., bestselling author of The Road Less Traveled and who many regard as one of the important pioneers of the “self-help” genre, also wrote an important book titled The People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil from which the questions for this show are derived. Dr. Peck wrote: “… for the past three hundred years there has been a profound separation between religion and science. This divorce – sometimes acrimonious, more often remarkably amicable – has decreed that the problem of evil should remain in the custody of religious thinkers. With few exceptions, scientists have not even sought visitation rights. If for no other reason than the fact that science is supposed to be value-free. The very word ‘evil’ requires an a priori value judgment. Hence it is not even permissible for a strictly value-free science to deal with the subject.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 day ago

This has been a sharp line of demarcation, but not for the reasons assumed, that issues of morality have no place within scientific inquiry. Scientific investigation, curiosity about the universe and its workings, which includes the existence of humanity and all of the wondrous intricacies of the human being and its makeup, including behavior, frequent beliefs, and the emotional qualities that can be wonderful at times but perplexing and even a threat to others on occasion, speaks to the reality of existence. And this includes the material in the form of human beings, but also dimensions beyond simple matter. Human energy has consequences and it is more like studying a raging storm at times in considering what humans do to themselves and to others as well.

This is every bit as much a fascinating conundrum, a stimulus of tremendous curiosity, as well as an overwhelming need to know, for many practical reasons, in what goes into the makeup of the human personality and day-to-day behavior. To cordon that off because it often involves moral issues is a false constraint on the discussion. It has been avoided in the past in part because it seems to be subjective, from the human perspective, and that is true because humans vary in the depth of understanding about life and its meaning and, in particular, the spiritual origins of creation itself and the true purpose for humanity’s existence being largely unknown to you, and so on. This creates a formidable hurdle that seems an impossible hill to climb even for science, and that is simply because there is a knowledge gap that is unbridgeable through usual means of scientific inquiry—one must go beyond the normal to the paranormal.

The reason this has not been pursued, even though it is accessible and much has been noted about the existence of such phenomena and the many examples of people who are tapped in, able to communicate with the divine realm, and bring forth prophecy, future visions that will likely become reality, and so forth, is because it is in a cloud of mystery, and this is closely guarded territory by the interlopers wanting to suppress and subjugate humanity. They do this by keeping many truths from you—much about your history, their relationship to you, and what all of your beliefs truly represent and their true origins.

One of the difficulties, of course, is the interlopers do not share a belief in God, and so cannot ever be advisors on spiritual matters. They regard it as a kind of human folly to begin with, but there are many other things about the workings of the human being they are privy to, because of their advanced understanding of how things work, and the age of their cultures, being in the billions of years in some cases, and are therefore far ahead of you in applying science to all sorts of situations. But for them as well, morality is a blind spot, an unexplored arena they regard as a diversion and a nuisance, and a false direction because they are incapable of understanding love and hence its absence. They live within an absence of love as their world is devoid of love and, accordingly, it is devoid of fairness and morality, everything humans prize that makes them truly human, as love-based beings who are a reflection of their Creator, the Source of all love and goodness. That manipulation robs you of your humanity many times and overall keeps you from appreciating what is truly human nature, why that is, how to nurture it, and how to counter all those who threaten it and threaten human existence in the bargain.