DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessThere are many complex physiological processes carried out automatically by the body, seemingly without conscious awareness or control, but what about cellular consciousness? For example, to what extent is digestion and absorption of food influenced by cellular consciousness of the gastrointestinal system?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

We can tell you that physiologic processes across the board are heavily influenced by body consciousness, the cellular consciousness of the organs, tissues, and individual cells. They are all working in concert with a plan, a blueprint, both with regard to organization of the cellular architecture into the anatomy of the body, but also the function, which is not simply all done through chemical signaling and electrical nerve impulses. Those are factors in modulating what happens, but the way it is carried out and the regulation to impose the homeostatic mechanisms for things to be held within a normal range are governed by cellular consciousness primarily, and this makes cellular consciousness a central component in bodily function, and this is no less true of the gastrointestinal system as a whole and its many functions—it is an important missing piece, as science itself recognizes.

Many things the body does are mysterious still and poorly understood, and those things that have been teased out through research in identifying the nerve pathways and the feedback mechanisms via the nervous system to the central nervous system, and signals from the brain to bodily organs, and so on, are only part of the story. The hormonal signals, the chemical messengers on a local level, and even a cellular level, are often not a primary stimulus but a secondary effector arm, so to speak, of cellular consciousness and the chemical and nerve level is more on the order of fine-tuning and a physical extension to make things happen in the physical that are being directed and originated by consciousness at the cellular level.