DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsThere is growing concern about the YouTube Kids channel because parents have noticed many videos that have dark material inserted or which have dark themes inherent in the plot line, including instructions on suicide and how to kill your parents, grisly images of maimings, and sexually suggestive material. Are these random acts of thoughtless people or is there something more sinister giving rise to these?
Nicola Staff asked 1 week ago

There are always pranksters out and about, many hoaxers and hackers who enjoy being a disruptor. That is not what you are seeing with the breadth of the intrusive nature inappropriate for children corrupting so many videos and done at all levels of professionalism and corporate support. As you know, the highest echelons of children’s entertainment are heavily corrupted. That is because it has such strategic value through enabling corruption of the young, which makes them more malleable as they grow older because they will have been conditioned from being co-opted early on, and then are in the pocket, so to speak, of the Extraterrestrial Alliance thereafter.

The widespread existence of inappropriate and unsavory material is showing the tip of the iceberg, that there is a dark undercurrent weaving its way through all children’s programming. Much is subliminal and energetic corruption with messaging to the subconscious directly. The visual appearance of things that are disturbing is simply a visual reinforcement of the darker messages contained within this broad-based corruption, and is orchestrated to happen by the Extraterrestrial Alliance through mind control manipulation of those producing the material. Some will do it because they are simply looking for plot lines and are blinded in a way to the inappropriateness of introducing adult themes in a children’s tale. With pressure to perform and to create product that will captivate children, they see it is a win-win if the material is engaging and develops a following, which happens again and again. This, too, is a product of mind control manipulation to make the children not only receptive, but addicted in a way to the messaging. It is at once, challenging and disturbing, and the subconscious, seeing this unfoldment feels compelled to tune in and follow its progress, because of the necessity for self-preservation and the challenges discussed subliminally are viewed as a threat.

This is a very sinister and willful manipulation of their sovereignty and is wounding to the soul on multiple levels because it undermines the individual and is a source of ongoing stress. The vulnerability created can grow over time, and this is how people are channeled into factions opposed to one another. They are groomed from childhood to play this role, to find a theme they like and have it developed within their subconscious. It is as if they are joining an army to fight a cause that is all subconscious with regard to its existence and its agenda, but nonetheless will have consequences in the person’s life because it will shape their beliefs and interferes and begins to change their behavior accordingly. This is a prescription for creating a generation of lemmings that may be counted on to act in a predictable way to certain threats introduced into public awareness. So this goes beyond the idea of simply corrupting the young to give them a view of evil when they are too young and so impressionable it could be damaging. It is a deep program with a deep agenda to create a generation of victims under the control of the deep state.