DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmThere was a singing dog on the television program, America’s Got Talent, recently. Is there a being in the divine realm, perhaps an angelic or a human light being, merging its energy with the dog to facilitate this?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is a beautiful insight and is absolutely true. This, in fact, was a collaboration that is four-way. It is the dog wishing to please the owner, and the dog’s higher self allowing an angel to sing through the animal and with the animal via higher self in accompaniment to the owner making music via her piano playing and is a wonderful collaboration indeed. It illustrates a number of things—the desire of animals to please, and the lengths they will go to make this happen, and the ability of the divine realm to make its presence known and have this exhibited through a highly unusual behavior that otherwise seems inexplicable and certainly extraordinary for its rarity. In this case, it came about because of the strong desire of the owner to have its beloved pet acting in concert, literally, and her divine connection is facilitating this to happen, as it is truly an answer to a prayer, and the animal being an agent of the divine by its very nature, was eager to have this happen and do its part.