DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersTo what activities do the Reptilians contribute, to serve the Extraterrestrial Alliance, and what, if any, of these are solely their role, in addition to providing shape-shifting imposters?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

As you know, the Reptilians are heavily engaged in supporting the abduction efforts. They are there for tactical reasons. There may be subjects from whom they wish to extract information. They may want transport, and so there is a two-for-one benefit in carrying out an abduction in an area also the subject of a Reptilian target to do surveillance, espionage activities, sabotage, or some other purpose, and they can be dropped off or picked up to return to a base of operations at the same time. They are also interested in certain individuals in the abduction program, and gaining knowledge about humanity through parallel study of the human lineage. So they, like the Anunnaki, are harvesting useful data in parallel to the alien Grey agenda to learn the human secret of reincarnation and transfer of emotional capabilities to their own kind.

The Reptilians are serving as a brain trust in providing an additional surveillance network, through the monitoring of individuals by implanting sensors that will transmit a person’s thoughts and emotions, as well as allowing the receipt of programmed instructions and propaganda. There are many people they monitor in this fashion as part of having a greater degree of control. It is more efficient, in some respects, than entraining psychics to do this intuitively, without the implant to facilitate things. The implant guarantees specificity of the target and therefore has some built-in security involved as well. They have their own microchip program that serves their particular desires and their intentions for manipulation.

The Extraterrestrial Alliance is not in 100% agreement in all respects as to what should be done, and in what order, and to what degree. Each extraterrestrial civilization has its own agenda, and its own way of thinking, and strategy and tactics they prefer. They are in general agreement across the board on the need for human subjugation, as well as the need for human annihilation. At this point, they have all weighed in and have a pact in place to see this carried out, with the exception of sequestering a cohort of humans who are in the abduction program currently, and will be maintained to continue following the genetic progress and the lineage of these subjects. This will be done as a reward to the alien Greys for their steadfast support of the Extraterrestrial Alliance for thousands of years now.

The Reptilians have certain telepathic abilities that enable them to attune to multiple subjects. It is sort of akin to their shape-shifting capability that they can segregate their nonlocal consciousness among a number of subjects to be targeted simultaneously, and so this makes them of special value for particular missions when there is a need to monitor members of a gathering, and coordinate the information, and do a manipulation as well, to help them come to some consensus of opinion and decisions that favor an outcome desired by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. This will be greatly aided by having a physical presence as well, and the ability to shape-shift makes them the ideal agent to infiltrate and be an informant and provocateur for whatever might be needed by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to shape human events for the worse.

These are the main benefits. Their technology, in terms of spacecraft and weaponry, is somewhat personal to them, and like the others, have their own way of doing things. So it is also coveted and not fully and readily shared. This is true across the board, as none of these civilizations truly trust one another. It is simply their nature to be selfish and to be distrustful of anyone’s intentions, especially beings not of their kind. So all jealously guard many deep secrets, and do not want to have their technology in the hands of the others. These civilizations, by virtue of being advanced, already come with full capabilities to participate in the secret collaboration, and are each adding something special to the mix that is appreciated by their fellows. So for the present time, things are running fairly smoothly and they are getting along. This may not always be the case, but is true for now.