DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaTo what extent does retrocausal healing result from a purposeful gifting of divine grace to send future healing commencing from the time of the future session back into the past to begin helping the client immediately, or is this all occurring automatically through ongoing looping of energies across time domains?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is automatic but the components requested for the healing work include specific attention to the past as well as present and future. This will increase the likelihood and impact of the looping having a more profound effect than might otherwise be the case. If you think about how you experience life, you will agree that whatever effects of time looping take place, they are minor compared to the action of energy in the moment as you are experiencing it. So the effects are subtle but can tip the balance in many directions, good or bad, and that is their greatest influence.

It is a kind of catalyst for a change in direction or a tipping point for the energies to move in a more positive or a more negative direction. Once the catalyst has produced an effect, it is the energy of the current experience and the emotions that ensue which are the driving force for what happens next. That is why it is important to be alert for shifts in mood, changes in direction of things, new information, and challenges coming into your awareness to be sure you do not overlook something that represents a threat to the established order. It is possible many times to override a negative impulse coming from another timeline when you are sensitive in the moment to how things are going and make a concerted effort to monitor your feelings and stay on top of things, so to speak, so you are not simply buffeted by the winds of karma but have a plan in place and maintain a steady course, and take steps to stand strong and keep going in a positive direction.

This is the one place where human will can make a difference, so you are not a passive victim of things done elsewhere that need not be a major influence. Even those things determined by karma to be reworked, in some fashion, can be reworked through taking a different strategy, applying greater positive energy, and especially love feelings in the moment when one is threatened with being thrown out of balance in some way. If you refuse to give in, you may carry the day and the winds of karma will die down and your life will return to calm and peace once again.