DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsTwo states, Alabama and Missouri, have recently passed very restrictive legislation limiting abortion. With all the problems facing the United States of America at this point in time crying out for legislative attention, what is the true reason behind this push to overturn long-standing legal acceptance of this practice?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is actually a sinister move on the part of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. They, on the one hand, are reducing fertility and removing humans from the planet, thinning the herd, so to speak, through ramping up causes of accident and illness across the board, not to mention the large-scale changes in severe weather manipulation as well as acts of violence instituted among the human factions always distrusting and hating one another. In the middle of this all, they are actually wanting to encourage stirring up the hornet’s nest of the abortion debate. This is to create political distraction and disarray to inflame passions and accentuate the political divisions. It is not a serious desire to reduce the killing associated with abortion per se, for humanitarian reasons as would be the case for human individuals who have pro-life sympathies. This is strictly troublemaking mischief for its own sake and not for a humanitarian purpose or agenda, nor to support humans with such leanings in any way. It is only a contrivance done to sow seeds of discord and tension to give rise to greater animosity and has no moral grounding in the motivation whatsoever.