DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWas Joseph Stalin replaced by a Reptilian and when did that occur?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

He was indeed replaced by a Reptilian. This is true of most world leaders at some time or another when there is major damage to be done and an opportunity seized to make the worst possible decisions at the worst possible time. This he clearly did in implementing his economic policy and his constraint of private enterprise to undermine the functioning of industry, and even food production, with catastrophic results. These are the hallmark of the interlopers. So whenever there is a disaster, they are usually close behind in the trail of events leading up to the catastrophe. They will often be a primary cause but done indirectly through the human agents they control and manipulate so very effectively. When there is an imposter in your midst, this will certainly guarantee the outcome when they hold directly the human reins of power. So this is the most dangerous of situations. He was replaced very soon after his ascendance to power and this had very tragic consequences for millions of people who perished as a result of his faulty leadership.