DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine CautionWas my student’s vision he had a decade ago a true and accurate prediction of a post-apocalyptic downtown Chicago that was devastated in a way consistent with a massive earthquake, and an absence of other people?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This was a prophetic vision, a kind of jump through time, to witness a future reality. This indeed is the potential if the tide is not turned. It was in existence at the time of his vision. The future potential has shifted, but there is more to do. This was an opportunity to have an awakening, and this was the reason. It was gifted to him. It was indeed to shake things up. This is one thing the divine realm can do to counter complacency or mind control subjugation. We can send visions to people and then have their reaction create an opening for divine messages and to show them possible meanings and interpretations and courses of action they might follow to gain further understanding or to begin to arrange a potential solution for the calamity that was shown to them. This, in fact, [name withheld] has done in finding his way to you and helping to establish the GetWisdom project. Your paths have been in parallel and have now converged and this is a beautiful thing. He is recalling this now, in particular, because it is very much germane to the issue at hand in the immediate future and its potential consequences for humanity.