DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesWe did a Lightworker Healing Protocol session on a client [name withheld] and recommended she have a subconscious channeling session. We just received an email filled with accounts of her distrust and anger towards God. Will it help to do the channeling before bringing up DNA ThetaHealing or is the latter what she truly needs at this point to open her up to divine healing by replacing negative God beliefs?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

We think both will be helpful and would actually recommend the subconscious channeling be done first. This will help do some inner healing and help to soften things up in a way that will facilitate a more effective DNA ThetaHealing session. Keep in mind that in using ThetaHealing, you are always intervening in a chicken and egg situation, meaning that the beliefs govern future behavior and thought, but the beliefs have an origin and often it is one of distortion, so the beliefs are faulty. The surrender to replacement of faulty beliefs will be much more straightforward and effective if the causal forces bringing them into creation have been healed. So this is why both trauma resolution and belief work have a place in a healing regimen, because they are attacking the problem both from the chicken side and the egg side, and will be more effective when used together. The exact sequence is less important than using the tools available to cover the bases, so to speak. You will be most effective in applying both approaches for this particular client for the reasons you have stated.