DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWhat are the sources of negative thought forms and free-floating memories found in locations?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

These can come from any direction. They can be the consciousness of the land itself. They can be the consciousness of humans who have passed through, especially residing there. But also when traumatic events take place, even though of a fleeting nature, there may be a dark residue left in negative thought forms from the humans traversing the location. This can come from elements of Gaia as well, as all have consciousness. The very matter of the Earth, the living things within the Earth, the plant life as well as animal life that shares the location and the thereby environment who may be influenced by what takes place, all can add to the mix.

The free-floating memories are a parallel in representing the reaction to ongoing events on the part of all sources of consciousness. So when the consciousness of any of these players feels there is a danger or sees things as moving in that direction, there will be free-floating memories created. And this is an impression coming from the environment in some way, and perceptions of the environment taken as a warning or negative indication and then embraced as a red flag, so to speak, and stored accordingly to serve as a kind of signpost and a reference to be considered. And as these build over time, they are not cancelled even though they may become outdated. So that is the benefit of the Protocol work as it can provide a clean slate, so to speak, to clear away old debris and remove the burden of negativity it represents.