DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesWhat portions of the Soul Matrix Healing apply to locations?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

In some way or another, all of the cells in the Matrix may come to bear in having a healing benefit because all of the sources of consciousness that can impinge on a location have karmic history, including the land itself and everything in the environment through all of time. In one way or another, every level of the Matrix can be a route to healing something that may be needed that impinges currently on the location and its effects on humans residing there or nearby. This is the virtue of including it within the location clearing. It is very integral to the process of healing all things in all ways because there is an interplay of all in existence.

And this is why you have heard many, many, times that even a human thought that is launched will affect the entire universe. This is literally true. The effect may be small with respect to most of the universe and potential targets, but it may have an equal or even outsized influence on something many light years away from Earth, comparable to what it represents in terms of an earth plane issue. This is because of the similarity in life throughout the universe and the operating principles of the universe. So there are many, many, influences beyond your awareness and level of appreciation currently.