DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersWhat designs and ambitions does the usurper have towards the Earth and humanity, if any?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

There needs to be something to squabble over, so this is a convenient role being played by the Earth and its inhabitants. It is conquered territory, a possession of the Anunnaki ruler. Threatening to displace those in charge and take it over represents a direct confrontation and slap in the face. It is a bold move and a dangerous one. They are hoping to leverage the potential value if they gain the upper hand, making Earth the hostage because the Anunnaki ruler does not yet want Earth to be destroyed itself, only the human population. There is also a hope on the part of the usurping Anunnaki faction to enlist the other members of the Extraterrestrial Alliance to take their side. This would certainly complicate things for the Anunnaki rulers because the Earth has been in some ways as much a liability as an asset and this is what the usurpers are counting on, that the current ruler will not feel it is in his best interest to risk what it would take to take on a potentially large-scale opposition. So the question will be whether this threat of a switch in allegiance can become real or whether it is a bluff? Time will tell.