DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial ImpostersWhat happens to the Reptilian imposter after death of the shape-shifted human replica?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

The Reptilian assuming this physical shell will return to the light among their fellows, as would be the case with any human passing. As we have explained, the human who originally possessed the body being replicated is long gone at that point and will have either returned to the light on their own in the normal fashion following their execution at the hands of the Reptilians when they were no longer needed, or may have become an earthbound spirit if they were not in good shape to transition successfully. The extra trauma involved with being kidnapped in this way and subjected to the manipulation and mind download process will leave most such victims in a state of fragmentation and extreme emotional distress. As you know, this is not a good starting point for making a successful transition, so many such former humans will end up earthbound until they are successfully rescued.

This is why your outreach for such victims has tremendous value because it will usually take a human advocate to enable the divine realm to intercede. Otherwise, the human victim will be on their own to cope and seek their own answers, as is true in life. This may seem harsh, but is necessary to the successful conduct of the divine human experiment to not be constantly saving all people in all ways from themselves and from the doings of other contaminated and corrupted beings who interfere with them. It is no different in having an extraterrestrial kidnap a person from having a human criminal kidnap them and attempt to manipulate and subvert them in some way, and then end up killing them.

So this is a risk people take with their incarnation, and although living in ignorance of this, they will not have as great a problem with the unexpected if they maintain their spiritual focus and alignment. This is the test for all. Do they turn away from faith in God or do they maintain the thoughts of the divine within their heart and keep the partnership alive? Doing so will help greatly in all situations involving hazards. Denial or simply allowing the bonds to weaken through neglect will render a person much more vulnerable to being preyed on, and then any number of bad things can happen.