DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceWhat is the divine perspective on taxation? Property tax, sales tax, and income tax?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

In a money-based world, this is very appropriate. It is a way of extracting a share from each citizen in proportion to involvement, utilization, and their own productivity. So when taxes are personalized and customized for a person’s means to pay, there is a general fairness about what is being asked and, if not taken to excess, can be a fair means of paying ongoing overhead and not destroying anyone’s personal finances.

As in all things done by humans, the question of taxation comes down to the issue of fairness. Is it being done in a fair fashion applied uniformly and in a way that will not be overburdening the person and taking away most of the gains from their income? Human experience has shown, again and again, this can backfire and actually act as a disincentive for human productivity. People will be disinclined to work hard if the majority of their income is taken away in taxes, so there needs to be a reasonable balance between the needs of society and its governance, which costs money, and the rights of people to have property and create personal savings that may grow into wealth and serve as a reasonable and justifiable reward for their hard work. So, much depends on where one lives, the nature of the government running things, and whether people are being treated with fairness or exploited through excessive taxation.