DWQA QuestionsCategory: Interdimensional ActivityWhat kinds of portals can people have in their energy field? Does this include extraterrestrial, interdimensional, and extragalactic intruder portals?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There can be alien portals that facilitate the entry of the alien earthbound spirits. This gives them ready access, regardless of your particular defenses in the moment in the auric field surrounding you, so they represent a particular extra hazard. Once they have penetrated the defenses and established a portal, the extraterrestrial spirits can then come and go at any time, even in someone who has had healing with the Lightworker Healing Protocol, so these would need to be removed to render a person truly safe again. When that is done, the extraterrestrial spirits will have much less ability to mount an attack and will have to look for an opportunity when the guard is down to make any headway. This is what you want to see happen with your clients to keep them safe.

There can be interdimensional portals within a person as well. As we have shared with you, this serves a similar purpose in allowing an easy return of interdimensional intruders who may wish to come and go as is true, typically. They do not desire to take up permanent residency, they simply want to observe and learn and perhaps manipulate or exploit, but they do not wish to truly move in and live with you. These, too, need removal to prevent other consciousness from the interdimensional realms to use that portal as an easy entry point. There can also be extragalactic portals, and these are placed in the same way as the alien portals and the interdimensional portals. It is an energetic manipulation to create a new kind of energy field that simply parts the aura and creates a zone of its own energy, that acts as a kind of beacon to the realm of origin, and can be used as a kind of carrier wave to follow energetically and pass through the aura into the energy layers of the body itself. These may have some harmful effects in disrupting the body energy field, as well as representing a hazard for other consciousness to impinge on the being and compete for attention by the mind and body itself of the host, so they are deleterious and need removal.