DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionWhat percentage of people who commit suicide end up as earthbound spirits because they have trouble reaching the light?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The percentage of those who commit suicide who end up as earthbound spirits is approximately 80%. This is high compared to the average of people in general, and is owing to the extreme emotional distress causing the person to take such drastic action. This is not because of an act of vengeance by the divine realm to exclude them in any way. In fact, they are given the same outreach as all who transition. It is simply they are unable to perceive and cooperate with the light callers because of their extreme distress and state of limitation, in addition to which, because all such actions are orchestrated, there is often an intense desire to further punish the individual. So, the interlopers are on hand during the act and will only increase their tormenting of the victim, once they are free of the body and in an existence that is solely their consciousness, with nothing else to stand in the way of direct harassment by other consciousness. So, things will likely go from bad to worse for those who take their life. The torment they felt during life will only worsen and increase in intensity with their passing from the physical.

While this is ghastly, it is still a consequence of many choices made by the persons themselves. They have chosen, in some way, to become out of alignment spiritually, and become vulnerable to this manipulation, to the state of ignorance of humanity, in terms of the majority of people and not knowing the dark spirits are truly real, that spirit possession is real, that people are often impaired in life because of this, and that, in addition, they have corrupted extraterrestrials, who are present carrying out a covert suppression of humanity. Subjugation and annihilation is yet another consequence, karmically, of the individuals themselves.

That is part of the test, and part of the challenge, to see will you learn during your lifetime or will you ignore problems, which are always an obligation and a responsibility. Everything you observe that is not right is yours to fix, in some way, directly, or indirectly. If you do nothing but turn away and go back to your little corner of the world and leave that to others, you are making a choice and the karmic consequences will ensue. The interlopers are in your backyard because of this state of ignorance and unwillingness to make serious inquiry, and take serious action accordingly. Even though there is much subjugation of the mind through advanced technology, karma is absolute in its reckoning. That simply is a state of affairs where you are more likely than not to get into trouble but does not mitigate your responsibility to find a solution and to overcome the problem, even though this is demanding and uncertain.

We never promised things would be easy and, in fact, it is part of the experiment itself, to be a very difficult and demanding one. That is what will make it so rewarding, ultimately, when people transcend these difficulties and ascend into a higher state of being, it will be because they have developed the muscles spiritually and energetically to fully understand all of the concepts of personal responsibility, and make service to the divine and, in particular, to the unity of human existence as their first priority. The selfless giving of love is the ticket to greatness and to the ultimate success in the advancement of humanity and its survival.

This is why the choices are yours under the most difficult of circumstances. It is like having the chance to win the World Series but you must first win all the ballgames to have that glory, and that distinction, and the happiness and joy that come with it. You are in the tough phase of working through the problem. The treasures are yet to come and are by no means certain. You can make them more certain each and every day by applying yourselves diligently to the task at hand. If you leave it to others you will, in effect, fall behind because you are being pushed backward through inaction, by the forces working against you. You do not perceive this in a personal way, but this is what is going on with the problems of society, they will reach your door indirectly, if not directly, all along the way, and one day it will be on your doorstep.