DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWhen humans utilize some or all of these intuitive abilities, are they entirely self-powered from their natural psychic ability, or are they divinely assisted?
Nicola Staff asked 1 day ago

This is an interesting and productive area for your exploration, as you are learning from today’s channeling, that you are not in a vacuum but your energies reach us, and there is an interplay unavoidably, because you come from us and to some extent connected to us always via cording. When your nonlocal consciousness goes forth to explore something, even something of an abstract nature about which you know relatively little, especially in terms of where the answer might be found, this travels via cordings quite efficiently. And this reaches us and allows us to impart knowledge to the energy of the outreach, and as it loops back to you, may come with answers in the way of hints or even more profound and complete awareness of what you were seeking to find out. This is courtesy of your heritage as being a projection of our consciousness to begin with. While many of you have moved away to varying degrees through disbelief that does not mean you are totally disconnected, although that is possible to arrange. What makes the difference in terms of getting greater or lesser divine interaction and support for intuitive explorations, is to what degree you are open and allowing of something to come your way. That is inherently considered an invitation. So any form of consciousness you reach and interact with energetically, can respond in kind to donate knowledge to you in proportion to the intention of your outreach. And we are included on the list of sources of consciousness you can reach directly, and the rules of engagement allow us to reply to an outreach from the human side, seeking knowledge, information, support, encouragement, and even direct guidance at times. So again, this interplay is a function of the intention and its makeup. The more consciously you seek a divine perspective, the more we can chime in as opposed to other repositories of knowledge, like the akashic records and the collective unconscious storehouses of information.