DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersWhen Spike Lee talks about Denzel Washington’s commitment to capturing the spirit of Malcolm X that was on display in the 1992 film, he describes an extemporaneous speech by Denzel that was not in the script, but every bit as powerful, or more, than Malcolm X’s own words, and that it seemed to be a supernatural connection as though Malcolm X was actually speaking through him. Is this conjecture accurate?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This was an accurate assessment of what took place and was perceived as such, in addition, through an inner knowing from the higher self of the director saying “yes” to the inner question about what was witnessed. As you were explaining in your recent discussion, the key element here was the fact that the actor was willfully stepping into the role of Malcolm X in playing the part. This created a perfect alignment of intention to embrace Malcolm X and his teachings, which were the subject in large measure of the motion picture. With that alignment of intention and a desire to expound on the issues brought up by the script, the light being, Malcolm X, chimed in and was able to impulse Denzel Washington with his own current thoughts along the lines of the script and make a point on the spot that came from the beyond, but was merely adding additional authentic perspective to the production. As you described, this is directly analogous to what happens routinely with artists of all kinds, including singers, musicians, painters, and sculptors who get in tune with the divine realm by aligning their energy and intention to be open to the creative impulse of something beautiful, something majestic, something that transcends the ordinary, and this can open the intuitive gateway to receive impulsed creative information of all kinds. The great artists do this routinely and it is the reason for their greatness.