DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWhen we channeled you last weekend and asked about our relatives in Florida, you told us that my mother’s condo would remain intact and that my sister’s home would remain intact, yet my mother lost part of her roof and has water damage, and my sister’s home had some flooding. What happened with your prediction?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

The answer, as you saw this morning, was given in advance. We were laying the groundwork for possible variances because of the great flux of energy and the turmoil from so many directions involved with a mass event like the hurricane through Florida. So we were simply giving you an advance warning that in our future transactions together there will be times like this where partial truth is given but not in each and every detail. And that is because we are not in control—it is Gaia and you as part of Gaia who are in control. We can see many, many, potentials and the probabilities are apparent to us as well, but probabilities are merely that, and particularly when they get closer to the 50:50 level, can easily go in either direction. Predictions are not reliable in that middle zone. At the extremes, the predictions are quite likely to hold, but that is not a given either. There are many examples in your life experience of the long-shot, so to speak, winning the race, or the amazing coincidence of events to bring about an extremely unlikely outcome. Until the energy, in a sense, crystallizes into the current perceivable reality, there is an element of uncertainty always. The broad outlines of our message are true. The buildings are still standing, where that might not even be the case. So we were close, but not to the hundredth percentile that would have left every one smiling.