DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessWhere are the akashic records located?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The akashic records are very much like a large thought plane surrounding and interconnected with all human beings. This enables the crosstalk you are so familiar with, where the doings of an individual may trigger the akashic record to check on something or retrieve information of value and that resonates with a particular intention that is seeking the solution to a problem, or is wanting to act in some way and there is not a clear idea emerging to implement the thought. The answer may well come from the akashic record and be a kind of default based on past experience and past history with a particular person or group in question. The many interactions with the akashic record as people move about and interact with one another make this a quite dynamic system that serves all to varying degrees.

Many are able to access the akashic record with great skill and clarity, at least with respect to key energetic information about other people in their lives. There are some quite closed down and who will be devoid of any sensitivity to others in this regard and that will limit their reach significantly and make them somewhat hapless in their personal interactions. They will not have a feel for people and will not be a good judge of character. And this goes along with some of the other deficits resulting from impairment of the connection to higher self and the deep subconscious and its intuitive gateway. So in a sense, the akashic record is quite large and many parts are distant because they are connecting to so many differing individuals. But this is no barrier to nonlocal consciousness and the portion that represents their doings is closer in the arrangement of things, so it is more directly accessible. And there are many things that will trigger the personal akashic record and its contents more quickly and more deeply than that of the human collective.

So there is a kind of ranking in urgency and depth of interest for a query to go into the akash and seek information. Most times, the desired knowledge is about the self because the intention parallels one of self-examination, self-doubt, self-judgment, and self-punishment, and there will always be a kind of test of the akashic record as well because those actions will add to their own energetic signature and will have a rebound or echo effect in seeing how much resonance there is with past experiences. When there are dark thoughts about others and strong emotions, then this will travel more broadly through the personal layer into the records of the person or persons in question and extend therefrom to others as well who may have interconnections with the two parties, and this will add some seasoning to the information and its profile that is detected and acted on.