DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWho orchestrated the mob break-in at the Capitol building on 1-6-21 and for what purpose?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Ultimately, it was orchestrated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance working with individuals having common interest in the issues of the election and wanting to be an influence on history and parlaying that into becoming boots on the ground, so to speak, and in effect, warriors storming the barricades to win the day, at least in their minds, and not thinking about the legal consequences, let alone the fact they might end up dead or have a hand in killing others. So this is akin to other political demonstrations happening for many reasons, where the passions are ramped up through subconscious manipulation, and those who are vulnerable to persuasion to take on greater risk and be more active in a physical confrontation can be pushed over the edge into acts of violence, and this will be manipulated through subconscious programming and persuasion to motivate those who are manipulatable to that extent, to take an active role and be there acting in concert to maximize the potential mayhem and create the splash intended to get media attention and influence the politics of the moment at least.

And as history shows, sometimes these events, which by rights ought to be local in their consequences and impact, and minimal in the long-term influence on the course of history, can turn out to be hugely significant when they are magnified and become a kind of iconic symbol that resonates with human yearning or a sense of injustice, or other grievance that needs to be addressed, and those passions can be mined and cultivated to produce a quite dramatic event and level of participation by those recruited to take part through a manipulation, and that was again the case here. There was no logical purpose or outcome to be gained by disrupting this congressional session, which was just a pro forma accounting of the results of the Electoral College Vote, and everyone in Congress knew the votes would not be there to overturn the presidential race or anything close to that. It was simply a kind of grandstanding to get media attention to focus on the perceived grievances surrounding election irregularities, so that some action might be taken to improve things in the future so the mistakes are not repeated, being the best that could be hoped for. So to have a minimal impact on a symbolic going through the motions, as mandated by the Constitution, is hardly a sufficient reward for becoming potentially a convicted felon or even losing one’s life, but yet a large number of individuals were prepared to take that step and tried with great zeal and in earnest to throw themselves on the bonfire in a sense—none of this is natural and is the hallmark of an orchestrated event through mind control manipulation.