DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlWhy are people concentrating in cities in spite of this stark difference? Is mind control manipulation a factor?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

People are herded into aggregates like this via mind control. There is a natural affinity people have for others, and in fact, no one does well for the long-term in isolation. But for the most part, the issue of potential loneliness is prevented by being a member of a family group, and under normal circumstances this provides quite a fine nest and habitat for humans to thrive. There was always a recognition of the importance of being neighborly and to visit among one another and to have area events where people could congregate. This was served as well by churches. The introduction of mechanization to give people greater mobility and to make them increasingly dependent on technology created the magnet of the power infrastructure represented by cities and their offerings. And as these sprang up, this led to a natural growth process as everything increasingly became centered on urban communities as a source of jobs and cultural attractions. While these are advantageous, they do come with a downside. People grouped closely together can be monitored and manipulated more readily, and constrained when need be, or motivated to cause trouble, and this will play out again and again with growing social unrest and chaotic events of all kinds. This is part of the strategy, to make people disenchanted with things and to act on those perceived differences that set people apart as enemies, in their minds at least, and this will lead to conflict and bloodshed. The overall purpose is to undermine human civilization, to weaken human, and to soften them up for the more aggressive measures to come. There is great virtue in living with the land. Being a part of nature is the essence of the human experience, as you are physical animals embodied in a way that fits within the scheme of things and there is a very strong innate recognition and appreciation of natural beauty that is rejuvenating and will replenish people who have needed to go into urban settings for career reasons, in particular, but also out of necessity in order to find work. Having getaways to get out in nature is restorative and this can tell you all you need to know about the trade-offs of urban versus rural living.