DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWill Belief Replacements done with DNA ThetaHealing through the usual digging process following a brief meditation, reach and repair cellular memory effectively?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

This has a potential to do so if the belief in question is being held in parallel within cellular memory, but this is not likely to have risen to conscious awareness, even during the digging process which is more designed to be in the Theta state of consciousness. That does help to allow the subconscious to weigh in more effectively, but the level of cellular memory is a very deep-level function and you will not be talking directly with the cells in this process. You will be seeing something about the energetic discord that is present, and this will trigger a recollection from within the normal memory, deposited as an aspect of consciousness of the person in an energy field of consciousness that both gives rise to conscious thought and awareness, and stores recollections of what takes place.

This is an intermediate function and is not the akashic record per se. What goes in and can be recalled are those things present in conscious awareness at some point. The deep memory from the akashic record, by and large, will not rise to conscious level of awareness, and this is true of cellular memory as well because it resides as energy within the bioenergy field and the extra‑dimensional DNA in marking events as to their meaning and importance, and referencing the akashic record as well to catalog the experience of something appropriately. So future experiences that resonate can resonate through a comparison of energies to see if there is a match—that will trigger an inner awareness something is up and action might be needed, and then things proceed from there once the alarm has been raised.