DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolWill fewer hybrid lost soul spirits get rescued by the divine realm with our Protocol than other lost soul spirits because of their conscious choice to collaborate with the spirit meddlers, or can that be overridden to save them?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The answer for them, as with all spirits, is healing. They will be offered healing, and this will be useful and effective. Keep in mind that your Protocol will arrange removal of the spirit meddlers that will be key in starting a process for the lost soul hybrids to heal fully. Once their compatriots have been dealt with, they will not be a part of that very dark energy and will only have their own individual being as an influence. That is an ideal opportunity to intervene on their behalf, to send them energy, and do a healing outreach for Karmic Repair. That will do the job and it will often require an additional round of healing to fully complete their transition. That is not at all unusual and one of the major reasons you have learned about the need to do repeated Protocol sessions for full rescue of all spirits that may be encountered, attached to human beings. These are the hard cases, the hardcore spirit beings who are the furthest away from the light vibrationally and greater effort is needed to reach them. But each intervention will raise the vibration somewhat and this will, in the end, tip the balance in their favor, and then their transition will happen. So you need not worry about this, they will be receiving repeated attention, and this will do the job quite well.