DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsWill it be helpful for the cause of the light for me to be interviewed by [name withheld] about channeling, or will it cause a harmful backlash to me?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

To be sure, you are entering the nest of vipers in a sense, only that all in his organization, including himself, are currently corrupted and not channeling high-level beings as they believe. This, as you have already experienced, will create some consternation and some potential unhappiness from his end of things, but he has braved you before and can do so again. If your message survives the editing, it will at least be present in counterpoint to the words of others he is involved with. And while he may put you as added spice, thinking you are misguided in some respects, this may still allow those who are open to your message to see you and some may be saved as a result of finding your message resonates with them. This would be courtesy of divine realm as well, to take advantage of that proximity, to reward them with encouragement to follow your lead and not theirs.

So, in a sense, you would be an interloper among interlopers, but this is not a high-level operation of great interest or focus by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. There are many, many, such channelers, as you know, who are given handholding on a constant basis to keep them occupied and complacent, thinking they are doing great work. So for you to be a dissenter among a small group of such channelers is not a significant threat to them. It will be discomforting for the channelers to see someone like yourself among them but that will depend on what you say and do not say. Your perspective about being in a position to offer guidance about other applications of channeling is well founded and can be a significant contribution to make them aware of the potential they have to assist humanity greatly with deep healing that is needed. The question is whether the channelers already corrupted can be relied on to make pristine connections and serve their clients accordingly or would these sessions be commandeered and then not lead to a fruitful end result. This will depend on the individuals themselves, but certainly new channelers who do not yet have a high profile may see your words and end up implementing your approaches successfully. So this would be worth doing if you choose to make the contribution.