DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AbductionsYou mentioned that our subconscious channeling work with our recent client would reflect the fact she has had extraterrestrial involvement, yet there was nothing clearly in the events she described to indicate this. In one trauma event she was attacked by what seemed to clearly be a human attacker. In a second, she was a slave and suffered a life of abuse. In the third, she was a nun who became pregnant after an attack in the woods, or was that just her cover story, perhaps not even having a clear memory of what happened and wanting some kind of acceptable story to tell?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

As so often happens, your intuition has brought you the answer here. This, indeed, was a puzzling and highly distressing experience because she had been abducted and was implanted with a fetus and this was wholly outside her memory, yet her physical state could not be denied. She knew something strange had happened but it was quite vague, and because she had emotional desire although did not act on it, in keeping with her vows, she immediately felt there may have been some personal lapse she was blocking out and was ill-equipped to cope with this strange circumstance and defend herself. So she took the course of least resistance here to have at least a defensible reason for her state of being.