DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessIn terms of the big picture mechanistically, when things like physical illness manifests from past life or parallel life karmic trauma, what is the sequence of events? Is that due to the deep subconscious reaching out to query the akashic records and the collective unconscious and stirring up trouble, or does it start from the dark thoughts in the thought plane in response to a stressful event in the current life and go from there to accumulate additional negativity from the repositories that gets fed to the deep subconscious to worry about?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

All of the above take place to one degree or another. It will be somewhat different in each and every instance, and a source of negativity darkens the landscape wherever it comes from, whether it is being discovered in the collective unconscious, whether it is too great an accumulation within the thought plane, or being stirred up from parallel lifetimes through a query to the akashic record. Any incoming negativity will register and cause a flurry of excitement to look at it more closely because of its threat potential. This is the slippery slope in having too much stress in one’s life, because it can cause the mind to run away with itself, so to speak, and begin to become so fearful that it undermines well-being and causes dysfunction in the life experience. This can start from any location of consciousness accessible to the person, but will be governed to a great extent by the sum total of prior experience, both in current life and parallel lives. So the akashic records weigh the most heavily, because that is a repository of personal identity, first and foremost, as far as accessibility to the individual under usual circumstances, and the fact that many severe circumstances have befallen the average person means that they are in line for further mayhem until healing is brought to bear, and the negativity resolved in some way. This is the healing challenge for all of humanity right now, that the buildup is been so great it is hard to function, let alone grow. There is vast healing needed still, and this is where your Protocol comes in. It can be a major contribution to human progress.