DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolHow effective, and what are the differences of the trauma resolution and negative belief replacements performed by the higher self and Creator working with the deep subconscious directly, compared to what is accomplished by a human facilitator working through the higher level of the subconscious with full conscious awareness on the part of the client?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

As you have learned in working with your clients with multiple modalities, all levels of the mind have beliefs and have a particular kind of memory that is belief driven. The deep work done by higher self and Creator is perfect for working on the deep subconscious and upper subconscious levels of the mind, but working with the conscious level is not as straightforward because we cannot intrude on conscious thoughts. It is the conscious level that is most directly proceeding from the inner will of the person and to be a free agent means just that—to not be intruded upon. As you know also, the conscious will can be quite strong and the beliefs well entrenched that are negative about the self and other aspects of life, so there will be limits to what we can do from the divine realm in terms of a total makeover of an individual.

This is why personal self-work in conjunction with a knowledgeable helper who can guide them through an effective self-healing process for belief replacement, can do wonders. It may be the last step needed to achieve a much higher level of functioning and life satisfaction and happiness, or it might be one of the earlier steps needed depending on how the person functions and the nature of their struggles, but this is why people need to learn about the need for healing in the first place and gain an appreciation of the work needed to right the wrongs of their trauma history in the fullest possible fashion. You cannot do everything without making some investment and taking action yourself. The divine realm simply cannot transform you into a perfect being with you being a passive recipient of the largesse.