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A practitioner asks about potential effectiveness of using the following prayer: “Source Creator, please, for the highest and best good of all concerned, wake up the masses of humanity, in all time domains, as many as possible, every day, in every way, everywhere, using any and all means possible, to the reality of Divine Love, so that the critical mass required to stop the ET Agenda for good is reached as soon as possible. And to this end, help an ever-increasing number of people find their way to Get-Wisdom.com, and inspire their hearts and minds to be deeply receptive to the truth and urgency of its messages, so that the pool of LHP practitioners continues to expand at an ever-increasing rate. Encourage, support and strengthen their willingness to add their prayers, and to learn and practice the LHP regularly, to help the Divine Human Experiment succeed, and stop the ET Agenda in time to save and free Humanity, for the Benefit of All. And encourage, support and inspire me and all the Participants and Supporters of Get Wisdom to do all of the above as well, to the best of our ability, on a daily basis. Apply these requests: Repeatedly, as frequently as is feasible, in perpetuity, until the Divine Human Experiment is successful; across all time domains, past, present, future, and all future extensions, in all possible universes, dimensions, time lines and realities. Conduct all these sessions on subgroups of these targets as appropriate, considering the level of need, to stay within my energetic reach as an individual practitioner to support the work fully. For each session, combine these energies with the energies of all other Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner sessions so all have an enhanced effectiveness. Bring Ultimate Divine Protection, Support, Guidance and Healing to all parties involved regarding these issues. Link this entire prayer to a code word I designate as _ __, so that every time I say this code word, the entire prayer request is made, including its indefinite repetitions. Thank you. Show me now.” Will this help the ongoing enterprise to save and heal humanity?
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What is karma and what is its purpose?
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