DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersHumans do not typically remember past lives. To what extent do dogs remember their former lives? What level of detail do they remember? Do the past and future have any genuine meaning for them or do they see things more as a constant “now?” In other words, from their perspective, is a past life memory not distinguished as different from current-life memories?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

Yours is a good description of the canine experience, that they make no distinction among events from a series of prior lifetimes that might be reviewed intuitively and this includes the lives of those they are with as well as their own prior existences. Lacking the refinement of human intellect to think in the abstract and ponder the meaning of things, they simply accept this as fact about their existence and take it in stride and make no distinction between the deep past and the more recent past. Everything is potentially accessible to the intuitive reach of the dog much more so than human on a conscious level, and so they may well remember other times and places but of course are unable to share that awareness with human companions. But it does add to their experience and forms a knowledge base that helps them get up to speed with life very quickly compared to human infants who have a conscious mind cut off from their deep subconscious having the benefit of this prior awareness and knowledge of other lifetime experiences. So comparing the two species, humans are essentially defective compared to the canine when it comes to their intuitive reach and the workings of the various levels of the mind, being cut off from the largest part of the mind as humans are, but this is not the case with dogs.