DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionIs this notion of being somehow liberated by being damned, an idea the fallen angelics have embraced?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The perspective of “being damned, so why try?” is the acceptance of defeat, to give in and give up. This is a faulty choice and also faulty logic. What will inevitably happen along the way is that as things worsen and the pain and suffering of the deprivation grow, this will renew inner motivation to seek a solution after all, and that of course will be much harder to attain, given that one has sunk down so much further there is a lot more required of you in order to recover. Nonetheless, there are many, many stories of recovery after people have truly hit rock bottom, so to speak, sometimes after losing almost everything of value to them in terms of family, friends, career, having a roof over their heads, and even physical health, and have given in perhaps to alcohol or drug use to cope with the dilemma and become trapped in the addiction. So this illustrates that being doomed is, after all, a perspective; it might have an objective basis that is quantifiable and quite real in a material sense, but that belies the power of the divine to change things for the better given enough inner wherewithal to reach out for divine rescue. We have helped many who felt they were beyond the pale, to find their way back to productive lives and even tremendous successful achievements despite the seeming odds to the contrary making it impossible. Therein lies the folly in giving in to the perspective of being doomed, you are sealing your fate yourself and this is never an inevitability, there is always a path back to divine alignment.

The very idea of “surrender to depravity” is, indeed, a common ploy and encouragement of the fallen, the dark angelic spirit cohort who are the source of evil to begin with, and they themselves have undergone this path of disparagement and degradation in choosing to settle for less in becoming isolated from the divine in a false quest for greater power. They have truly lost their way and often feel hopeless themselves. They delight in encouraging that belief among their victims when they attach to human beings and work to manipulate their feelings by challenging the deep subconscious with mockery, taunting, criticism, and stirring up karmic vulnerabilities as reminders of prior failings and inner weaknesses. They work to stir the pot and can create great inner conflict to cause negative emotion, fear, hatred, and so on, with a cynical desire to siphon that away for themselves to exist on and exploit. Being parasites, they thrive on the disparagement and discouragement of others, because it generates the dark emotional energy that is the best alignment to who they have become. Indeed, the encouragement of feelings of impending doom and that one’s situation is hopeless, is a common tactic to lower the vibration of their host. This is the closest thing to a good time a dark spirit can experience, being in the energy of one who is feeling worse than they do and hanging by a thread. Having to scrounge for energy by disrupting the lives of other beings and tormenting them represents a sad circumstance, when all they have to enjoy is causing harm to others as a way of feeling a sense of accomplishment and a kind of at least temporary inner security, that they may well get by for a time, now that they have stirred up a hornet’s nest for someone else to struggle with they can exploit themselves personally, as a source of life-giving energy.