DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionFor the typical human being with the typical spread of seven attachments (one for each major chakra) how much of life’s troubles and traumas stem from these attachments, versus the karmic legacy and baggage that every human carries?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

Most physical illness is caused by negative karma. In fact, 94% of the time one has a physical malady, it is because karma is rearing its head and stirring up trouble within the body. This may well involve altered gene expression and other states of being in terms of alteration from the norm of physiological regulation of key systems making people vulnerable. This is what creates the assumption by medical researchers that illness is strictly a physical phenomenon, a state of disarray, often for obscure reasons, but with hopes it will all be traced to difficulties with the genome and its expression because that is what science can see, but that is only in and of itself the way in which karma, in part, can be expressed within the being.

Karma passes down through the lineage but it is more the lineage of individuals themselves than their forebears who are simply providing the gametes to fertilize and initiate the production of the embryo to which the soul of a new arrival will attach. The karmic history of that individual soul will be the greatest factor in many aspects of great importance for the life itself. Even though some of the superficial characteristics like the appearance, stature, racial makeup, and so on, may be visibly donated by the parental genome combination, what truly makes the individual is their true independent soul existence and expression. It is always evolving and learning from each new experience taken on through all that it surveys, and the learning from the many soul extensions that have launched into the universe to experience new opportunities, and feed back that knowledge to add maturity and a gaining of wisdom, while refining soul characteristics towards greater enhancement and a loftier expression.

The consequences of spirit attachment, on the other hand, can be both physical and emotional but more the latter than the former. Most of the emotional conflicts within a person arise from the bullying going on within the deep subconscious by spirit meddlers, as well as manipulation by extraterrestrial psychics to instill fear and ramp up inappropriate inner convictions and beliefs that will ultimately get the person into trouble by putting them at odds with others, which is the intention. The spirit meddler attachments, as well as lost soul human spirits attaching to a living human, can see things in the akashic records, and knowing their host more deeply than the host knows themselves, will be in a position to criticize and taunt their host about their prior failings and times of tremendous suffering and loss. This will add greatly to ongoing stress and emotional fragility because of the anxiety it causes. Many distressing feelings of fear or anger that might seem inexplicable or an exaggerated response to something happening in the life experience, are truly coming from other circumstances that are just simultaneously overlayed on what the person is experiencing during the course of their day. That inner struggle of torment will keep them on edge so they will likely overreact to the ups and downs they are exposed to, unavoidably, in dealing with others who have their own issues and agendas and stir up the inner stress as well.

People only have so much they can cope with before they become overextended and that can well lead to an emotional and physical breakdown as well. Severe mental illness is caused in many instances, more than half, by spirit meddler attachments, and in terms of the most serious disorders like the psychoses, these are entirely a product of spirit manipulation to cause a state of disorder in thinking and a delusional cycle of misperception that will be repeated again and again, and often elaborated on with a worsening over time, if relief is not obtained in some way or suppressed with medication. There are many ways spirits can manipulate nerves within the body and so there can be many bodily responses, odd symptoms, and this is often the cause when there are inexplicable sensations that do not fit a typical diagnostic pattern of a chronic illness that is well-understood and described by medicine. This includes many aches and pains, nervous gestures, things like tics, stuttering, inexplicable flushes of emotion, and exaggerated cardiovascular responses leading to palpitations, high blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, as in a stress reaction, but seem to have a life and origin of their own inexplicably. This can extend to fainting spells and even epilepsy in some cases. The consequence of all this is that mainstream medicine is still in ignorance about the true causes of most human maladies and disturbances within the mind and body.