DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionCan Creator share how prayer work and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are the answer to inner corruption? Can Creator also comment, how belief replacement will also be necessary for many souls saddled with deep inner corruption to truly find the path back to the divine?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Because the true cause of most physical illness and many emotional and psychological aberrations behind the symptoms exhibited by such a large percentage of human beings are largely unknown to science, the world has suffered greatly throughout history with few good answers of a lasting nature. Modern medicine is often either missing the point or a crude instrument bringing a kind of suppression of bodily responses giving rise to a symptom, but often with a downside if maintained for too long a period of time. This is a very crude approach at best and often done completely in the dark, lacking any true understanding of even the physiological, biochemical, and genetic interplay within the body giving rise to a chronic disorder. While endeavoring to unravel these details has led to many novel therapeutic approaches, they are still looking at the endgame and not at the origins. When a chronic physical illness is actually caused by a karmic dilemma, lived by the person in other lifetimes in most cases and perhaps exacerbated in the current life, mainstream science has no tools to work with to truly heal on a deep level. This is why so much of modern medicine, as well as psychological help, is a holding action and symptomatic treatment but not curative.

With the evolution of people of greater spiritual awareness given an opportunity to exercise their intuitive gifts with an outreach to us directly through channeling, we can for the first time help to fill in the details about what is truly needed to help restore people to normal functioning, given the very deep and sustained nature of the insults underlying most human suffering. Things are much more complicated and multifaceted than appreciated at present. This deep healing, in fact, can only be done by the divine realm and not by human hands; it is beyond your understanding as well as your ability to manipulate energy while in the physical during an incarnation. You are very limited in understanding, awareness, intelligence, and intuitive reach and are ill-equipped to manipulate energy at a quantum level in a purposeful fashion to carry out the many intricate adjustments needed. This is why a divine partnership is critical to obtaining divine help for serious life issues, because they will likely be serious karmic dilemmas of long-standing, and spanning multiple lifetimes.

There may well be serious encroachment by spirit meddler attachments causing tremendous inner conflict through ongoing bullying and a stirring up of many karmic dilemmas to worsen things and perturb the physical body as well, directly and indirectly, through triggering awareness of karmic struggle but also manipulating body energy to perturb organ function and wreak havoc with the mind and feelings. Given time, the dark spirits can train the mind by inculcating faulty beliefs to embrace delusions and will work to create delusional thinking that keeps a person in a perpetual state of self-torment, knowing this will get the person into trouble and cause endless agony. They know this will automatically guarantee the person will receive an influx of life force energy to help them cope, so the spirit tormentors can virtually sit back and not do any further work while they siphon off some of that energy for themselves, living within the person as a parasite but causing endless agony. There is no pill you can take for this dilemma. This requires divine assistance to deal with spirit attachments and attackers, some of whom are of human origin and must receive extensive healing in order to be removed from the host. This requires time and intensive effort by the divine to bring in healing for the deep chronic karmic dilemmas of multiple lifetimes leading to a state of depravity when the spirits have reached this state of misalignment where they are serving evil rather than good.

What has been missing from religious teachings is a fuller appreciation of the consequences of these sources of difficulty and how to go about getting a high degree of help. You have been taught to pray but not how to pray and what to ask for. You are in a place of learning and you have the burden of needing to learn about how life works, how the divine realm interacts with you and the rules of engagement, and to grow a greater awareness of where your difficulties arise and who is behind it. The more you know and understand about this, the more intelligently you can request the specific divine help needed to right these wrongs once and for all. If all you know is you are in pain and suffering, that will only give you a reason to ask for help but no insight about what is needed and what the divine realm can do in order to help you, so you do not know how to address the problem nor summon the greatest degree of assistance and specific healing solutions.

This is what the Lightworker Healing Protocol is designed to do. Through a scholarly probing of all the sources of evil and their influence to create a reckoning of what can go wrong, as well as gaining insight about how the divine realm heals, this allowed constructing a detailed series of steps within the Lightworker Healing Protocol to summon divine assistance for every type of negativity that can undermine a human being, as well as the interlopers wreaking havoc on you and your world. All need divine assistance to solve this dilemma. We cannot heal the victims alone if the perpetrators will keep attacking them—that is a treadmill that keeps adding as much negative karma as healing is applied—it is the perpetrators who need to be healed with the highest of priorities. Once that is done and they are encouraged to withdraw, there will be room to breathe and humans can work to heal completely once and for all, and for all of time, the sum total of the karma that has been generated to create this giant backlog of unhealed wounding accumulating through the thousands of years you have been suppressed and subjugated.

This is now possible to achieve and it is coming none too soon, because the interlopers have designs on your world and are looking forward to ending your existence because they are tired of playing games with you, finally, so they seek to withdraw but want to eliminate you as a parting shot. Through the Lightworker Healing Protocol, you can encourage the former without being subjected to the latter. You need the interlopers to be gone from your world but not at the expense of your existence. Your souls are immortal. You are only fighting for the right to continue your growth and expansion at this point in time, having come so far in learning about negativity and holding your own, and still able to feel and express love within you, given half a chance—that is a tremendous achievement in its own right—it is what is missing from the interlopers.

You are still holding on and you can prevail for this reason. You have the divine support from us but you must ask for this and know what to do with it. That is where the Lightworker Healing Protocol comes in, that is the vehicle of your deliverance, it only requires your outreach through your own mind to implement the requests of the Protocol in dialogue with us in the quiet of your own mind, and taking no risks of exposure from anyone who might want to cause you harm. It is important to be awakened to this reality and to help awaken others so enough people are making the request to bring about this Shift in Consciousness that will finally free you from the grip of your karma and that of your oppressors. You will have a glorious future, and will be done with the limitations of the physical plane for all of time, and a much more joyous and empowered existence throughout all the galaxy as your playground if you heed our warning and take action; it is for you to decide your fate because we have bestowed that power to you through your free will to act, or not, as you choose.