DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersA father reports on very strange behavior by his wife. Early in their marriage, they had a beagle acquired from his father. She never tired of expressing her dislike and disapproval of the dog. And while never overtly abusive physically, refrained from interaction with the dog as much as possible. The dislike and neglect were so pronounced, the husband elected to put the dog down over a minor medical issue, just to spare the dog the intense neglect. Years later, their youngest daughter asked for a puppy. Being a fan of beagles, the husband/father found one online at an affordable price. To his considerable surprise, the wife agreed to go see it. After just five minutes, she readily agreed to accept it for the family. Unlike the other beagle, the wife is extremely attached to this dog, snuggles with her, and plays with her constantly. The previous beagle was not allowed in the bedroom, this one sleeps curled up next to her all night on the bed. Both dogs were and are beagles, and both were and are typical in every respect. Why the dramatic difference in treatment on the part of the wife?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

As improbable as it seems, this is owing to an intuitive awareness by the wife of episodes from the first dog’s prior lifetimes. She has had bad experiences herself in other lives being attacked by dogs and wounded grievously and even having her life shortened as a consequence. That first beagle, while friendly and charming in its current life, had a prior lifetime when it had a mean streak because of mistreatment and killed a child in the owner’s family. So this horrendous scene was on record and perceived intuitively by the wife. This was not in her conscious awareness but was a subconscious appreciation there was something about the dog that should not be trusted and she reacted viscerally to this through harboring distrust and negative emotions. That is what the deep subconscious does in response to a potential threat, it can only warn the conscious self by sending emotion through the body as a signal. That is a quite crude but potent means of getting attention, not always understood but will have consequences because it becomes impossible for a person to ignore. So this was, in effect, a kind of prejudice against the first beagle from the desire of the wife to protect her young. Many of the feelings and consequential behaviors people have are a product of what is going on in the deep subconscious below conscious awareness entirely as it is the largest part of the mind and has much to do with the quality of life for better or worse.