DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionRare is the human mind that is not chaotic and stressful, at least some of the time. There is an assumption that one’s mind is one’s own, but if we’ve learned anything in this project, it’s that the human mind is anything but isolated and subject only to influences arriving from the five senses. People may think that is the case, but the reality is dramatically different. Can Creator comment on this notion of the mind being one’s own and how much of it shaped from influences other than the five senses?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

While you, indeed, have your own mind which is unique and separate from the minds of others, you are nonetheless being influenced by other sources of consciousness. Your makeup is also more complex than you appreciate because you have different levels of the mind, some of whom can talk to one another and some not. This creates many complications and is the source of many difficulties people struggle with. The common ordinary senses are the experience of the conscious self, and to some extent the upper subconscious, that will be always scanning the environment and attuned to signs of danger, and might be the first part of the self to arouse awareness there is danger looming because it reacts to a sound or a scent in the air, or something that is out of place and will trigger an inner stirring of emotion that gets the attention of the conscious mind to stop and watch all that is happening through the senses in the moment, when it might have been hyperfocused while concentrating on a problem it was wrestling with and kind of tuning out what is going on around it.

The deep subconscious is constantly surveying outside repositories of consciousness and comparing its own self with what has happened to others, what is in the sea of the collective unconscious on the part of many beings creating a kind of pool of thoughts about all kinds of issues and circumstances. This constitutes a kind of reference point much like checking the weather to get a sense of whether something serious is brewing that might be a problem on a large scale, or that there will be clear sailing for a time at least, because people are not being riled up too greatly from a danger influencing many other beings at the moment in close proximity to the self, and so on. The deep subconscious spends a great deal of time surveying the akashic records of all that it has done and been a part of, across multiple time domains and many parallel lifetimes that are running concurrently. It sees those as the actions of the self and makes no differentiation between past, present, and future. If you were burned to death in a past life, it will be recalled and witnessed as a “fresh event,” and this is cause for a great alarm and level of concern that will trigger a stress response as though the consciousness in the current life has just experienced it and so the horror is quite fresh.

In addition, there are many dynamics from repeated cycles because of the Law of Karma bringing back to each individual, energy corresponding to something they created in the past. If a positive contribution, it will bring some type of opportunity or a proximity to pleasurable events and circumstances that will be seen and felt as a blessing of some kind. But if the karma was tragic, either as a victim or perpetrator, the Law of Karma will work to recreate similar circumstances as an opportunity to find a healing, a way to resolve the dilemma. This can heal the events on the other timelines that parallel the dilemma in question. If this cannot be done, through ignorance and unawareness, there may be a revisiting and a re-experiencing of a similar episode that will add to the tragedies of the past and pile on more negative energy to fuel a future revisiting and a worsening of things. For many people, this is a cycle that happens life after life after life, because few have had opportunities throughout history to have effective ways to heal from ongoing trauma, of which there has been an abundant oversupply due to the suppression and subjugation of humanity by the dark spirits and the extraterrestrial overlords essentially enslaving your world.

There is an interplay with higher domains as well, depending on the intuitive reach of the individual. All have a higher self that resides within the divine realm but is the link to the soul proper, and the gateway through which life force energy is transmitted to the soul extension incarnated in the physical as a human being. The higher self has the duty and overall responsibility for helping to monitor and guide the soul journey according to the life plan decided before incarnation commenced. Everyone has a purpose and a plan they intended to follow; the higher self will attempt to encourage and guide them along the way to find a path to bring about what is needed to fulfill the objectives of the lifetime—that may work well, it might fail entirely to be productive with a given lifetime, depending on what unfolds and how and in what shape the person happens to be in, coping with difficulties and stressful times, and how well they have learned to cope with the ups and downs of life.

The higher self is the seat of conscience. This is why the narcissists and the sociopaths have the greatest difficulty, because their insensitivity to the feelings of others and their sense of entitlement, lack of guilt, and willingness to take things away from others to reward the self are a spiritual dilemma from being largely or totally disconnected from the higher self and its support. This is a severe consequence of inner corruption because the degree of corruption is measured in the degree to which divine support and the flow of love add to the vibration of energy within the person to give them strength and a reservoir of creative energy and intelligence to make the most of life’s opportunities.

Those who have been corrupted and are truly evil have no greater level of depravity than the dark fallen angelic spirits who can possess people and corrupt them heavily. This they have done to the multiple extraterrestrial races who are present on the Earth and manipulating humanity because they are wholly selfish beings unable to love and only seeking power and control. Deep within, humans know this, and this is a major source of ongoing anxiety for everyone, even as consciously you are still in the dark, largely, as a culture because you are being shielded through mind control to block out awareness of these aspects of reality and disregard the whistleblowers among you, the true accounts of people experiencing directly, the depredations of the interlopers. So these are the broad outlines of the many complexities in experiencing life through multiple levels of consciousness, as well as the interplay of outside sources of consciousness, both divine and non-divine, that might impinge. This is quite a mix of influences ongoing on a constant basis, so it is no wonder people have difficulty having enough energy and find life challenging and exhausting rather than exciting and uplifting much of the time.