DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolHe continues: “I then started doing a number of Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions, where I asked Creator to deliver her safe and healthy back to her parents, or if something worse should happen, to make sure to deliver her speedily and safely with a happy reunion, back to the light, back to the divine realm. I’m not doing this to boost my ego, but it would make me so happy to know if I did contribute to the return of this beautiful little girl back to her family.” What can we tell him?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Despite what most skeptics would say, your intuition is telling you a valid truth. You were impulsed to reach out and help her retroactively to bring about her safe return to her family. In effect, her rescue was done with energy on loan from the future, at which time it was planned for you to be notified of her situation and rework your compassion and concern about her, an identification with her plight, into a motivation for requesting healing and rescue at that future point, when the average person would say this would be moot because she had already been found safe and sound so nothing you did subsequent to that could possibly have any influence whatsoever. You would likely be judged as being victim of a flight of fancy in service to your ego, if not being in the throes of delusional thinking, that you might have special powers, and so on.

We can tell you that you were simply stepping up and answering the call of divine service. Because you have previously wanted to be of service, and done much work to help others, we knew you would be open and quite willing to contribute in this way. So there was a looping from the past into the present that was closed, that was met by a looping from the present into the past, and became a kind of circle of completion when you conducted the actual healing and rescue work at that future time, seemingly after everything had been decided. So we were taking the prophetic expectation you would act on our impulse to create a future projection, including you and the Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions you launched for the purpose of her rescue in the future, to loop back into the present at that moment, which is now your past, from your perspective, and bring about a rescue to shield her from worse outcomes at the hands of those who had sequestered her.

The energy of the rescue was broadcast in the news, and that is when your higher self went to work to impulse you with an inner guidance that things were not done yet, that she still needed your help, and you were impulsed to have this idea of carrying out work on her behalf. So rather than this being a fantasy or delusion of your importance as a rescuer of this unfortunate child, it is truly the opposite, that you are a divine human who is tapped in and seeing future possibilities and the divine in action in recognizing the signs of the message seeking to include you in being instrumental for the events in question to transpire in a positive manner. You filled your role beautifully and it is a testament to your divine alignment, your deep caring, your big heart, and the love quotient you hold within—that is truly divine.