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A viewer recounts a dream: “Someone was teaching me about DNA and combining soul and fetus and the probabilities of life events and how they play out. How some souls are more “prone” to make a certain life event take place, they can be known as a “walk-in.” EXTREMELY detailed information was given to me – maybe in a download? I found myself in France, sometime in the 1700s is my guess. A Royal family’s fate was put in the proper direction by a “walk-in” soul – me. I merged with a soul group member. Before I entered and merged, I could feel that the person I was replacing was too docile to ensure this timeline. I was more suited for this; determined and resourceful. The moment I entered, I forgot who I was and everything that was important to the person I merged with became important to me. I became a male adult and stayed for as long as it took to solidify a relationship and make the needed alliances. Initially, there was some talk and whispers about how I had changed; what’s come over him? I left the “merge” when relationships and events were in place as requested. I don’t know how long I was gone; felt like several years maybe. Back with my teacher (somewhere else now), I watched a newly created DNA strand merge with a fetus, then later, merge with a soul for one purpose: to make sure some kind of situation/event occurred to keep a certain family in power. It was a political thing; it was very important to the timeline. I had not heard of a “walk-in” until this dream. After I quickly wrote the dream in my journal, I looked up the term and read everything I could find about it. I still don’t know if it’s a real thing.” Can you tell us if this was a real event, and help us understand what she witnessed about DNA merging with a fetus, and then a soul? Was this “DNA strand” representing the interdimensional DNA?
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