DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaCan you help us better understand the function of the interdimensional DNA? If the previous occupant’s body remains corded to the original occupant’s akashic records, and the new walk-in also will have cordings to their own akashic records, creating a double karmic burden, what changes from departure of the original occupant’s and arrival of the walk-in’s, interdimensional DNA?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

From our previous description of the repository for interdimensional DNA and its function, you can see that this is the more closely represented soul characteristics that it represents. That is a distinction from the akashic records which do reflect the soul’s doings but are very much focused on, that is to say, the akashic records are a representation of the soul’s activities and consequences in acting through a living being as an extension of the soul—in this case, a physical human. The interdimensional DNA is a repository of the soul yearnings, soul desires, and the soul expressing its purpose as a potential in projecting forward its intentions and desires to be an influence for a particular role and, in the case of a soul extension, to go into a new life form and a new location. There will be many imperatives in the interdimensional DNA that is chosen and selected intentionally to incorporate the desired attributes to make the excursion a successful one in being an ambassador of the soul as well as an opportunity for an interplay in new ways with the universe and to create new experiencing to further inform and grow the soul through its journey.

With the departure of the interdimensional DNA of the original occupant, in a sense, it ends the direct association with that individual soul, but not the connection to that soul’s akashic records. So the prior influences will be essentially carved in stone and applied to that body for the duration of its existence as a living entity and will influence any other soul-based being that inhabits the body. The incoming soul’s interdimensional DNA will begin to be the dominant influence, in terms of soul characteristics and makeup, and it will begin to feel much like someone who has been born again but must live in the shadow of misdeeds committed before their awakening.

This is not to say walk-ins only happen for individuals who are evildoers or commit grievous mistakes in some way, it is done for many reasons and sometimes agreed to as a high level life mission to come in and bear the brunt of childhood, but to be in a strategic position within a specific family setting to provide a second stage of life opportunity for a walk-in to come in and hit the ground running, so to speak, and then be able to soar more quickly at an appropriate time without having to go through those preliminaries. So this interplay gives you a deeper perspective of the various influences, where they come from, and how, in arriving at the general makeup as well as the dynamics that influence the being from day-to-day in the course of a lifetime.