DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationAre there safety issues in general with yoga practice?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Any practice, physical, mental, or spiritual, that invites energy into the body or an experiencing of something beyond the body is a hazard without first requesting divine protection during the session. So, unfortunately, the many who practice this discipline are inviting incursions by interlopers to interfere with them and this is a negative aspect that will limit what can be attained. It is simply the fact that long-standing yoga practice without protections in place will increase the odds over time there will be a downturn as a consequence of spirit meddler interference. This will draw notice by the extraterrestrial spirits as well and will be certain to end up with a specific instruction to the onboard spirit meddlers to carry out a program of attacking the person to limit their capabilities in some way. The effectiveness of this incursion will vary but many would-be practitioners will end up abandoning the practice because they will not only feel at some point a diminishing return of their efforts, may end up feeling worse and will simply quit to avoid the complications they are perceiving without a true understanding of what is actually happening.