DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationA practitioner asks: “I have two cousins who are advanced yogis and who claim that they are, as well, very spiritual. They are vegan and have told me they have experienced extraordinary feelings while meditating. One of them saw himself going up on the spiral staircase (I believe) and claims to have had extraordinary tantric sex, etc., however, he does not seem very grounded to me. My other cousin is more grounded but she is also a practicing Catholic. As a matter of fact, the male cousin (her brother) did not abandon Christianity either but does not practice it, but rather just practices Yoga. Please let me know and please feel free to share the answers with the group.”
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

While the profile of these two would suggest that the one seen as being in better shape might be benefitting from the Christian belief and practice, both of these individuals are corrupted and this is because the yoga practice is being done without prayers of protection to the divine, thinking that they, in the doing, are acting in a divine fashion. This is a frequent trap that engaging in any type of spiritual exercise automatically is safe by virtue of being spiritual, when in fact it holds danger because spirituality is actively suppressed by the interlopers, so anyone undertaking such a practice, even doing simple meditation, will be noticed if there is a wandering of the non-local consciousness wanting to get some information or awareness of something. The roaming intuitive consciousness will be seen and will always be answered. If there are no protections in place and a specific request to have divine participation to provide some knowledge or higher awareness, all bets are off as to what might happen and at the hands of whom. This is not necessarily highly devastating but can be and, in any event, will limit the potential benefits being experienced.