DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsIs there something equivalent to sex enjoyed by light beings in the heavenly realm? It is hard for humans to understand what there is to look forward to without a human body and its senses, created to enjoy all the physical sensations of intimacy with a loving companion. In fact, it is hard to understand the existence of emotions without a body to feel them. There is nothing sexy about an idea in isolation, without a means to react to it and feel it, or an agglomeration of energy, even if it is soul-based consciousness.
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

You are looking at things from the wrong end. You are looking at the cart and trying to understand the horse and it is not the container but the conveyance that matters. The body is the container. It is consciousness that matters. It is consciousness that is the basis for creation of the body to manifest its agenda, its yearnings, its longings, and its desires. The fact it is felt physically is because that is what you have been given to work with. You have a highly constrained consciousness dimly perceived within a physical body that is in the foreground and readily apparent to you in its workings and interaction with the mind to make things happen and experience the consequences.

The body is indeed a readout of the emotional consequences of consciousness, but that is nature’s way Creator has employed to allow a human experience in the physical realm, although the body’s seemingly exquisite sensitivity not only to pain but to pleasure is in contrast to the faint awareness of the intuitive non-local consciousness that is the purest essence of your soul expression as a part of you while you are in the physical. There seems to be no contest with respect to intensity in having a joyful and positive reaction that is pleasurable. The consciousness seems quite ephemeral, faint, and while at times lofty, not something giving you great heights of emotion and joy directly. This is a consequence of the disconnection that has been engineered into the physical apparatus to limit the awareness of non-local consciousness and the interplay that would otherwise be taking place.

So we can tell you that physical joy and the feelings involved with sexual expression, as an example, are not unique to the physical organism but rather that the physical organism is modeled after the capability of the soul engaging with another on a soul level, to recapitulate, to some degree, the heights of feeling that can take place when there is love being expressed soul to soul. This is what the light beings experience and enjoy tremendously and is in fact far beyond your ability to comprehend in its majesty and all-consuming splendor. It is more than a total body orgasmic rush of pleasure, but a multidimensional and long-lived state of joy at the highest levels imaginable. It is second only to a union with Creator. That is of a special quality transcending the pleasures of a life partner. So the two differ somewhat in intensity and also the nature of what is experienced and the focus and meaning behind engaging with another soul for such a union and what takes place and how it is felt and interpreted by the light being. It is very much akin to the great love of a nurturing parent to whom one owes everything compared to the great love for a member of the opposite sex to whom one is attracted intensely and has the good fortune and great joy of being accepted wholly without reservation, and the intensity of love shared in equal measure in all its dimensions—mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

The repertoire of experiencing by the light being transcends what a physical human can experience through these dimensions. It is amplified a thousand-fold by the light being experience. It is done with such a higher degree of clarity, awareness, and appreciation of the depth of meaning and level of commitment and intention being brought to bear when one is engaged in communion with a light being that is deeply, deeply loved, the human language cannot encompass the depth of the experience. So we can tell you without reservation, things will only get better when you return to the light. Not only will you have all of your capabilities restored that are missing largely as a human being, you will also have a reconnection with your ultimate companion, the so-called twin flame, the ultimate loving partner who is a perfect complement to your soul and was designed to be that way. This is a state of love’s perfection that cannot be truly experienced any other way. It is a joy to behold and beyond description when experienced.