DWQA QuestionsCategory: Risk to HumanityIt has been claimed that the representatives of an ET race have met physically with at least one human secret space program experiencer to promote their message for humanity, which is essentially the golden rule, that we need to become more in service to others, raise our consciousness, and forgive ourselves and others. What can possibly be wrong with this?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

The message of love and charitable kindness is divine and well‑intentioned and has nothing wrong, per se. The difficulty we see in such representation is that it is coming about through manipulation and misrepresentation of the true origin of the messenger. The extraterrestrials who interact with humans directly in the physical sense, are all working against humanity. There are no good ETs and bad ETs as far as earth plane is concerned. All are bad, all are serving darkness, and all have designs on the planet and wish ultimately to eliminate humanity altogether. This is what you are facing and why your choice is so important to align with the divine realm. We have the only power available to you to make the difference needed here, to push the interlopers out once and for all, so you can prevail and you can heal and return to a light being mode. Once again, the individuals who have such experiences are subjected to heavy mind control manipulation to believe they are serving humanity, and are on the side of good, and are being selected for a special place as a leader, all of which serves the ego and is a corruption, for the message is false. The beings involved are simulations and are not true in their appearance. There are Reptilian shape-shifters who can take the appearance and demeanor of any type of beings and create a perfect simulation of an extraterrestrial race appearing on the scene, and offering to be of assistance. And the story is being developed here, with disclosure, to create a false reliance on extraterrestrials to be of assistance to humanity.

This has great appeal, and the reinforcement is being arranged at this very moment through all of the discord happening throughout the planet in every sector of society, in almost every nation. The civil unrest, the combat, the actual wars, the acts of terrorism, the levels of crime, all are contributing confusion, disaffection, and creating the appearance of chaos and helplessness on the part of human to run their own affairs. This is a setup that will be used to promote the so‑called benevolent extraterrestrial who will step forward offering to help and they will point to the more evil extraterrestrials as the enemy, and that we need them to save the day.

The reality is they are all collaborating together and all are working against humanity. If we give them the key to the kingdom it will be the undoing of humanity. This is what is at stake and it is time to be forthright here even though this will be a very painful message to the true believers in disclosure. But things must come out into the open and the reality must be faced. All who embrace this plan will not only be helping the darkness but aligning with the karmic burden that will result. This will have tremendous negative consequences for all involved in supporting such a notion.

So we are not saying to cause harm to anyone. We are only saying be cautious. Listen to your heart. And invite the divine realm to help guide humanity. That is a simple step you can take. And that can be enough to help things be sorted out and for the light to prevail. We do not want discord. We do not want warfare. We do not want killing. We do not want reprisals. We do not want people fighting with one another, making enemies and harboring grudges and resentment. We know these are very strong human traits and traps for the unwary, and almost avoidable for those with high stakes in the game. But this must be worked through.

So we will do our best to support all who line up with love and light. But please know that love thy neighbor is not enough. When the extraterrestrials get going and bring human destruction on a massive scale, loving thy neighbor will not be enough. You need divine help. And this can be avoided through simply taking sides now to include the light in your plans and intention. It is that simple.