DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)A client asks: “Can Karl verify that my father is now in the light?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

Your dear father is safely in the light and sends his love and thanks to you. We know you are distressed because of the long span of time here not appreciating this status, but this was not ever your responsibility to see to. The world is a deeply troubled place filled with much ignorance and the degradation brought by the forces of evil into your midst. You are quite blessed to be where you are in your understanding of these circumstances and be connected with people, like the team at GetWisdom, who are serving humanity in all they do. This is a blessing not only for your dear father, but many others who suffer, and all will benefit because all are interconnected as a human family. So the blessings you have arranged with your outreach are helping fill in the holes in the chain of love that binds us all together, and that is a true blessing extending far beyond you and your dear father. The light from you both will now continue to shine and spread widely.