DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingA client asks: “I have been aware lately of having diminished mental capacity. Sometimes I’ll type a word that isn’t the one I want at all. Or I will review an email several times, and send it, and notice a problem later. Maybe this is typical at a certain age but I have noticed a recent change. I don’t admit this to anyone because I don’t want to be scrutinized for slip ups, and I don’t want anyone to help solidify a problem. Yesterday, I greeted my brother-in-law with the wrong name and I could not remember the right one for the life of me. I feel that if there is any healing needed it will have to be before the issue is fully blown. Can you please ask Creator if there is something going on and if there is something I should be doing?” What is causing this, and what can we tell her?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This problem is largely nutritional. It is not the savage, unrelenting, and devastatingly overwhelming dementia she most fears. As you are doing your review of nutritionals, you will encounter good alternatives that will help her greatly. We do not want to jump the gun here, so to speak, even though she suffers and is quite eager to address this in whatever way will work. You can reassure her there is not a crisis brewing and there will be plenty of time to see to this and dial it back. While almost everything is karmic, it makes sense to use whatever medications or natural products are especially helpful in addressing symptoms of karmic energetic issues as a useful adjunct to help people keep going while the deeper inner work is proceeding through the divine realm. Both are needed because symptomatic treatment is a holding action only and is never a guarantee. Not to mention the likelihood of compounding the problem going from life to life in not fully addressing the deeper karma. In her case, she will have the best of both worlds. To keep the Protocol work going is worthwhile and there will be some symptomatic remedies available for her use.