DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaA client asks: “In my subconscious channeling with Karl Mollison I learned that in some of my previous lives I was responsible as a leader for the death of many people under my sphere of influence by making wrong judgments, mistakes and unwise decisions. How far did I go in balancing my heavy karmic debt through my Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions I do on behalf of others?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We hesitate to give percentages for things like this because what matters more than the total amount that you face is whether you are using your time wisely and well in the current life working on this enterprise and, in that respect, you are doing beautifully because you are diligently using the Lightworker Healing Protocol and benefitting from repeated sessions that are making appreciable progress in chipping away at your karmic obligations. This is far and away superior to almost every other human being on the planet, all of whom have huge karmic backlogs and almost all of whom are making but little progress, lacking the means to do karmic repair and healing in an efficient way that is truly effective. So people in life after life have been accumulating more than healing and this has been going on for many centuries now. So you need not worry about this because you are moving forward when others are still falling behind and that will make all the difference down the line—it will just get better and better. The more time you spend here doing your work, the better your future will be. That is what truly counts and you are doing a superb job in meeting your karmic obligation to serve your soul.