DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlA client asks: “Is my daughter’s unethical therapist human? She’s about 6 feet tall, blond, blue-eyed. Is she some sort of hybrid/clone, some sort of tall Nordic, ET psychic?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

What you are seeing in this person is a human who acts in an inhuman fashion, thus raising the question, with your wide perspective of the possibilities, perhaps she is not human to begin with, given her conduct, especially. What you are sensing is the block in place to prevent her having natural human feelings many times about the cases she works on and the people involved. The courts are heavily corrupted, as is true of all human institutions, and all who serve them are subject to manipulation as well, including attorneys, judges, members of juries, and the many hired consultants who serve as expert witnesses. The reason this is so, traces back to the desire of the extraterrestrials to have a heavy foot everywhere they look, they cannot resist the desire to manipulate what happens, again and again, to cause trouble for people. So in a case like yours where your daughter is a targeted individual, and a legal matter comes up for judicial review, they will go out of their way to manipulate things on any level needed to get an outcome unfavorable to your daughter, to keep the pain coming and prolong the unpleasantness and dark consequences they wish to see carried out as a kind of retribution for her having worked against them in the past as a lightworker.

So what you are going up against with your Protocol work is not simply a person in need of healing who has some karmic liabilities and needs an advocate for divine healing to make things better, you are going up against a quite strong free will choice, even though a manipulated one, on the part of the therapist to hold sway, to be the authority, and her mindset, as such, is rigid and inflexible. It goes against every fiber of her being to change her mind once she has decided who is in the wrong and who is in the right from her point of view. Unfortunately, that personal perspective was manipulated to work against you and your daughter in favor of the father gaining custody despite being her abuser, so simply making healing requests will not have immediate benefits in such cases. What has to happen is a tremendous healing across all time domains to make a person less vulnerable to manipulation, and that can be quite a tall order.

This person’s karmic history has made her who she is in being someone wanting to pass judgment on others, wanting to feel superior by finding fault with others, and priding herself on her perceptiveness and judgment based on ego rather than logic, reason, common sense, and a loving heart as an inner guidance so the human element is very much a part of the equation at all times. That is what she is lacking, that her heart is walled off because of manipulation, so she will not have her own feelings aroused, and this lets her be cold, mechanical, and robot-like in sticking to her own personal narrative no matter what evidence to the contrary emerges.

This is simply the difficulty of the physical plane, that you are in charge, all of you, for your lives personally and collectively, and must reckon with one another come what may. We cannot go against anyone’s free will, but can only work indirectly, and that is why things seem to be unchanging. This is not impossible but a long-term goal at best, in terms of what you most want to see happen, which is a near-term turnaround in the visitation, if not custody arrangements.