DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlShe continues: “Interestingly, my daughter’s panic attack (and subsequent first ever self injury) happened on Thursday at approximately the same time that the new supervisor was talking to the unethical therapist on the phone and becoming outraged at the gaslighting. Were these two things linked? Are they upping the negative energetic ante on my daughter because she’s standing up for herself more, and if so, how is this done? Should I try to discourage her from talking about what’s going on?”
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

This is a perceptive awareness of a link between the two events. What was happening is your current supervisor was challenging the authority of the expert working, in effect, for the Extraterrestrial Alliance and challenging her rulings they want to see enacted against your daughter. This is a good example of how they will mount a backlash to punish anyone who raises questions or challenges their authority and threatens their carefully laid plans, and this is an instructive example of why your daughter may well always be the loser in such an exchange, and why you do need to be cautious in how things are done to fight back so the backlash does not harm your daughter unduly, and that will be somewhat hard to predict.

So there is little we can give you in terms of specifics here, it is important that your daughter be supported and helped to feel as normal and as happy as can be arranged given the difficulties. This can play out in many different ways and, as we cannot be at your side guiding you along any particular path, to give you false hope in suggesting taking action would be reckless on our part because we would not be able to step in and caution you to back away if things aren’t working out, and creating a greater danger, for example. So we cannot give you specific advice here because we cannot direct anyone’s life, but we see that if you do the best you can and stand strong, that is the best service you can render for your daughter, to see you exhibiting firm resolve and courage to at least not give up, but being realistic, and she will learn as time goes on to have a clearer and clearer understanding of the forces involved here with regard to this legal system that truly holds the power and is not always perfect. That is important for her to see you truly care about her but that you and she are up against the legal system, which has governmental authority that overrides personal choice at times, even though it can be unfair and produce harmful results.